Thursday, August 13, 2009


anyone that has mastered a craft has committed hours upon hours of practice, an instrument, a hobby, or any art form. during practice, you are involved and you become better at your chosen craft. practice doesn't have to be a conscious undertaking....sometimes, you enjoy playing your guitar and practice just happens and it becomes habit, "it" becomes a part of you.

it's been said that it takes at least 10,000 hours to become a master at something. that's 416 days (give or take a day). say you sleep like they say you should (8 per night) and that ends up being 625 days. but you also work (hopefully), and that ends up being 1250 days. so, barring any unforeseen incidents, if you committed yourself to anything for about 3.5 years, you'd get really good at whatever.

i've recently been considering myself as an instrument and noticed i'm a bit out of tune. there's an image of who i want to be, who i should've been at a given moment. i say i am this or that but because i haven't put any practice into being that person, i just end up being "that guy". bad habits, unconscious asshole tendencies; just an overall 180 from my words, make up who i am and who i've been. far from it, i'm not the worst person in the world but i still need a lot of practice.

i am good at drinking, smoking, masturbating, sitting, eating, talking shit, taking a shit, riding a bicycle, driving my car, sleeping, cooking, being late, quitting, burning movies, jealousy, anger, sadness, depression, blindness, delusion, faking it, escaping, being afraid, being broke, lying to myself and others, losing focus, and failing. i'm sure i'm not giving myself enough credit but you get the point.

so. how committed am i to myself? do i love myself enough to become who i want to be? but, loving myself also requires practice. on the surface, it's a simple task: just stop doing/being what/who i don't want to do/be. doobie doobie doobie. hmmm, i'm also good at thinking too much....because there isn't much to think about, i just have to practice. easier said than done....or maybe it should be easy said, easy done.

easy said. easy done.