Saturday, October 10, 2009

the p's.

patience, patience.

i try and i try and these demons that hold me down, and this demonic consciousness continues to drive the oars towards a

water.fall. of devastating proportions. proportions that i see but can't grasp. but maybe. no. i know what's going to happen if i

stop the fight here. my mind sits uncomfortably on a sharp choice of options. the withdrawal of denying my old self is a fearful

sight....but i look again and it's a quit i will not give. the sun's heat, and the air's thick dew, awaken me. is it time? time rambles

on like an ill advised jam. there is harmony within prevented from shining through. i steer for me of old, i steer for me to new. i

am at a crossroads. i know. i know. but let me compress and depress until. i know . i wish to and release towards

an orgasm of self shedding of reluctance.

i dream of whales enclosed, of emotions that fear to breathe, and dread becomes a mist turning to a inwards

towards a complete dissolve. fade to white and let the black of shadows be the only remembrance of chase. simmer simmer

and soak....patience. feeds h o p e it grows and tones itself towards a blazing blue of fusion. creation of joy. the artform of

life of noise and peace of mind and a diminishing thirst. suffering was.

let anyone dare say i was for i am. pummeling along and treading lightly was a cause for laughter. let them laugh. i slowly

become deaf and blind to judgments and personal affects. cape me or rape me . i can't see, i can't hear.those called we. step

back i beg, and come forward i beg. to release. of offending frustrations and fodder for fear. death is not an easy thing when

you don't know it. ha! death is afraid of you?

yes, it's true.
vocalize your smile then. thrust the joyous birds out of your cages. lost keys matter not for licks of metal, rust, squeak and fall

brittle. rivers in my bones....oh, carve me here and there for i see. rock. may the streamlines be sexy.flow.form. dance.