Tuesday, July 7, 2009


apples, pickles, down to earth, dr. seuss, rotate water counter clockwise, norah jones, john mayer, tennis balls, looney tunes, ahh monsters, jim carrey, lomi lomi, onko alva, mountain side, directions, pali, bangkok chef, body image, perfect pitch, protools, new york, best christmas ever, waikiki, greek, sushi, 3/27, free hugs, biggest pancakes ever, piano, herb, patchouli, yellow beany always falling, garfield, ukulele, drums, tattoos, joni mitchell, ani, john lennon, hippy, molly, hydro, shorebird, confidence, weakness, stubborn, girl, woman, la luna, cycles, beauty, grace, honolulu, oahu, hawaii, kahala, apple ginger with honey, ocd, tavana, alekona, mowgs, soulution, universe, love, true, ma, bicycles, pictures, volvo, happy, sad, song, hair, death, life, state fairs, grilled cheese, 110 percent, passion, paths, enlightenment, good nights, good mornings, sunshine, beatles, shooter, love birds, insurance, sunsets, beach camping, guiness, cpk, pf chang's, uncovered toes, leis, freedom, despair, hope, change, asian babies, intimacy, ohana, mind love, heart love, making love, mango allergies, jazz, wine & cheese, gigs, tropics, ong king, "safety", italy, ata, snugg as a bugg....you fricka.

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