Wednesday, May 12, 2010

and then, bing.

i don't want to get ahead of myself here....but. i am pretty fucking excited. for weeks now, i've been thinking about going after another subject of interest. i've studied engineering, architecture, interior design, drawing, painting, sculpting, biology, physics, great western literature, oceanography, sewing, and anthropology. i'm missing a few subjects from that rundown but the point is, i've studied a LOT. but, as of last post, i was at a complete loss.

anthro isn't for me. i don't know if i could study a people without getting involved in SOME way. they could be the most "savage" people in the middle of a recent jungle clearing but i know i would get accustomed, some how. to analyze culture in a scientific way seems intuitively oxymoron-ic.

so, we're back at zero with another subject gone' fishin. after a few days of cigs and beer and top gear and sighing, it dawned on me: i can't be too creative because it starves the practical and vice versa, which leaves me feeling incomplete and tired. mind + body + soul, folks. mindbodysoul. you think it's too ideal? i still do but i'm glad i haven't stopped looking for it because i may have found something: sustainable construction technologies.

it looks like a mix of architecture and construction (plumbing, carpentry, wiring), with a healthy dose of practicality. it's a logical choice and i feel good about it too. so, yay!

i initially found a program called green building systems, taught in santa fe, new mexico, but i've lived there before and while i love santa fe, and miss my friends, i've also fallen in love with oahu. the world's best beaches, at my doorstep. see my problem? but it WAS a problem until i found a more hands-on program on maui. so, yay!

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