Sunday, May 30, 2010

when we left earth.

i've been on a "space" kick lately but honestly, i don't think i ever got out of it since who knows when. i think it's safe to say, i have an addiction. i gotta get my fix in some form or another, maybe, on a daily basis. besides the star wars trilogy or the star trek universe, here are some great alternatives:

my friend frank steered me towards this UHmazing video (FULL SCREEN IT!):

also, the space shuttle endeavor will go on its and the shuttle program's final mission. the best part is, i get to go and watch the launch! my friend joe is the man!

some other galactical options:

the hubble satellite. go to the gallery page, put on some spacey music, smoke some herb, and put those pics on a slideshow. your imagination will thank you.

space. this site is chock full of outer space brain fodder.

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