Monday, May 31, 2010


going along with our space theme, i wanted to recommend some movies:

1. the right stuff. this is one of the best movies about the american space program and definitely one of the classics from the 80s. while the cast is phenomenal, keep an eye out for jeff goldblum and harry shearer.

2. moon. i absolutely loved this movie. it has a minimalist quality that isn't pretentious which is also reflected in the lead, sam rockwell. it moves quickly without being rushed and is enough of a brain fuck, to keep you entertained. it is great sci-fi, in that it's not too far fetched.

3. when we left earth. great documentary series. it's like a tasty riesling, because all the information is familiar, but is skillfully delivered in a dry/logical but entertaining way, with little gems hidden throughout. nicely narrated by gary sinise.

4. when we left earth. again. i don't think this is related to the discovery channel and i actually think it's better. no narrator, just footage and audio clips, a little music.


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