Monday, October 11, 2010


while i'm bare-bottomed in a shower and a body cleaning product tells me there was, "no animal testing," i'm not comforted.  but i do laugh.  still, IF an animal was tested, which animal was it?  some products have a picture of a little bunny but i'm pretty sure it wasn't a bunny.  i'm guessing it was a rat.  and when people say, "oh great, i get to be the guinea pig," is it because guinea pigs are/were test animals?!  for shame, human race!  however, if the mystery animal wasn't tested, HOW was the product tested?  on voluntary hippies?  yes, it's all natural and organic but you can't mix a bunch of nature's best and hope it feels good and cleans well.  you gotta test it out.  i don't know man....i don't know about this stuff.

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